I'm a Catholic, husband and father of six. I currently support this as an entrepreneur. Our company produces media content. We mostly work with brands and non-profits either running or enhancing their social media. This blog is where I share my personal life experiments. Most of these experiments revolve around trying to get to heaven, maintaining sanity and raising good kids.

Professional Bio

Dominic Iocco is CEO of the media + marketing company Yellow Line Media. In the last year, he has helped clients that range from Mitt Romney's presidential campaign to local manufacturing startups create story-driven experiences that audiences eagerly share. In 2000, he co-founded Cartridges Are Us with his parents and built the leading inkjet recycling company before selling it in 2007. The sale moved him to San Diego, where he helped build the startup John Paul the Great Catholic University, teaching as Professor of Entrepreneurship and serving as the Provost. As Provost, he successfully led the university through the regional accreditation process. While doing this, he mentored students and co-founded Creative Rhetoric and Yellow Line Studio. In 2012, after producing Bump+ (one of the most talked about web-series ever created) and the award-winning feature film Red Line, he merged Creative Rhetoric and Yellow Line Studio to create Yellow Line Media. He writes about entrepreneurship, marketing, media, education and other ails of the world. He and his wife are currently raising their six kids in San Diego.